Denver International Airport and the Classified Secret Complex Underneath

Many whistleblowers and inside sources have come forward to provide undeniable truths and insights into the Denver International Airport and the classified sub-superstructure constructed concurrent to the DIA superstructure. Exactly who, what, why, when and how. Incredibly, this story was brought together by a random read of a wikipedia article on Perth, Australia. I learned Perth was the most remote major metropolis on the planet. Then, I read Denver, Colorado was the second most remote major metropolis on Earth. So it immediately clicked why Denver would be valued as the prize seat of backup government in case any of multiple threats came to fruition. And, Denver is over a mile above sea level, in case of global flood - with areas nearly immediately available including airports over 10,000 ft elevation. The unfulfilled conquest of Italy in World War Two by the United States military, the then best equipped army on the planet, clearly shows the defense capability of mountain regions. As one of the largest mountain chains worldwide, the Rocky Mountains make the ideal defensive position. Of course the United States has an extensive defensive network constructed underneath a substantial portion of the entire Rocky Mountain Range. The United States government, with it's massive funding machine - that's another paper - would be foolhardy to not use the priceless asset as THE second seat of government. I'd heard all the rumors, stories of compartmentalization, the 3 month projects ending with layoffs in a multi-year, project on the books for billions of dollars. The true cost is unknown, but it is estimated by multiple sources that trillions of dollars have been consumed to create and maintain this network of tunnels and facilities. Sources claim actual cities have been constructed. NORAD is an example of a sub-terrain DUMB, or Deep Underground Military Base. So I wanted the real story. I started at a truck stop near DIA and began asking the elder truck drivers questions regarding the airport complex, one of the largest on the planet. I immediately heard the rumors I had heard previously, and with some new spins too. But I hit pay dirt when I met a tag team trucker set that hauled dirt from DIA to 2 landfills they claim were built exclusively from the dirt removed underneath DIA. They claimed millions of tons were transported to 2 area landfills primarily - the Tower Rd Landfill, located near the airport and constructed concurrently to DIA, and DADS Landfill south of DIA, and also constructed concurrently to DIA. Wow, I hit pay dirt. But it was only when I roughly measured the size of these two landfills and the millions of tons that was necessary to create these man-made mountains. These landfills are massive. WHERE DID ALL THIS DIRT COME FROM?????? There's only one answer. This set of truckers claimed they accidentally viewed a hole that was deeper than could be the bottom be seen. Hurriedly brushed away by security, they gushed with amazement about the size and depth of this hole and believe the US Corp of Engineers was working many levels underneath DIA construction using nuclear powered tunneling machines that are 25 meters high and wide. They also claimed they had talked with workers at various area taverns who themselves stated they were building enormous tunnel systems to Denver, Colorado Springs, all the way down to Dulce. Another trucker was a former trash truck driver and serviced the Lockheed Martin facility located on a foothill in a remote area southwest of Denver. He claimed the he had to get screened by security, inside a secure guard house where he would wait up to 30 minutes to be photographed, retina scanned, and finger printed. Each visit, he was issued a temporary photo ID he was required to wear while in the complex and he to forfeit to security leaving the facility. He claimed that for all the security there was hardly anything there, and to build the complex on the side of a foothill must’ve cost a fortune, and there are large electrical, water, and waste facilities - enough to run a small city, but no visible city. I visited the Lockheed Martin complex, albeit from afar, and it really did look like facilities to run a small city - without the city. That’s odd, and is clearly indicative of a massive underground complex within and under this foot hill. With a massive flat plain of land stretching for miles just in sight it would be insane to build this meager complex, and guard it so tightly, without some sort of underground complex. Then the trucker told me he saw semis of aggregate, another word for rock or dirt, leaving the complex. All three truckers who provided these insights stated that aggregate was being removed from DIA by semi trucks constantly 24 HRS A DAY FOR YEARS. The size of the landfills confirm the massive amount of aggregate removed from DIA during construction. A construction that was highly compartmentalized. With an enormous amount of contractors and laborers used, a multi-year project, with many teams being used for 3 months and then laid off. This is incredibly inefficient and would only be feasible to use to cover the classified nature of a project. Other sources I’ve spoke with claim a high speed transportation system, both road and rail exists to connect the multiple deep underground military bases together.

It makes too much sense to see why this remote, yet fully metropolitan area, over a mile high above sea level, immediately next to one of the highest and largest mountain chains in the world, just north of a major military base, training area, and military college. An area housing the largest producer of clandestine weapons and space force vehicles, Lockheed Martin. A hyperloop above ground primarily high speed shuttle system is now being constructed all along the front range in Colorado and to the airport. A top member of the establishment could feel confident placing there sons and daughters here for schooling all along the front range at many fine academic institutions, as the new high speed network is primarily a military transportation system, they will have complete and full priority over the system in case of emergency. Infrastructure to facilitate the immediate movement of the elite and their families underground to safety. Others from around the nation, including Washington DC, get airborne immediately and flown into DIA to go instantly underground.

The facts come together to give WUAPASS enough data to conclude DIA rumors are true. It does lie upon top of a massive underground complex and tunnel network possibly connecting from Dulce to Colorado Springs, perhaps Lockheed Martin, Denver, DIA, possibly much more - Kansas City? Cheyenne? Salt Lake City? Probably. Good day.

Gnos Sherman WUAPASS The Truth is ALWAYS the right answer.

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