Deck of Cards: Time to Play

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

The Deck of Cards represents technology, our own advanced technology, alien technology we've acquired, and RAT - Reversed Alien Technology. With the economy the way it is, with the Corona epidemic causing chaos in that arena, Gnos Sherman thinks it's time for the government to play a card. "They'll play a few cards here, it will be a slow release of the technology - and it will be a mix of all categories of tech. The Patriot Act had been implemented as far as they could push it. So the new Internet Act was passed, you probably saw it sold to the public on television. Well, I'll just say we do not gain any rights with this bills passage. On the contrary it loosened the strings necessary for not only the Patriot Act to be greatly extended but for new measures of control to be established. They've tightened their grip and have the means to go further now. They'll feel safe to play a few cards. And I think they'll do that here."

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