Crazy Little Thing Called Love: It's True

Updated: Oct 20

The WUAPASS Team has concluded after a year long extensive research project that the feeling you get when you love someone, is real. "Our Research Team is second to none, and what we found is very revealing. The heart mind connection is real, and it's somewhat what differentiates us from other animals. That little feeling you get in your heart when you feel love, the feeling that is like electricity? Well you're not so crazy after all because it's real and we do feel it. And that love frequency radiates outward from our hearts as a torroidal field. It is electricity - an actual electromagnetic field that is measurable. And animals are not found to have this torroidal energy. When ET says, "Bring on your heartlife," that is predictive programming. We do have a dual torroidal field - both our brain and heart generate these fields. And it's why you get excited when you feel loved. It's the heart's torroidal field co-mingling with the torroidal field generated by your brain together resonating a frequency that resonates with the frequency of a loved one. And it can be physically felt. It feels good. They call it love."

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