Corona Project Research and Conclusion Paper 3 : The Final Conclusion

The Corona Virus was a deliberately manufactured virus designed to accomplish multiple objectives. However, the primary objective was to avert a complete planetary disaster - the total collapse of the Earth's atmosphere and the extinction of all life on the planet.

In 2010, the outer atmosphere of the Earth partially collapsed due to a coronal discharge, or solar flare, from our Sun. The cyclic nature of our Sun, combined with our planets proximity to the Sun, alerted scientists in 2010 that in approximately 10 years time, around 2020, the Earth would again be vulnerable to a potentially catastrophic coronal discharge, an event that could precipitate a total atmospheric collapse.

Record atmospheric levels of CO2 place our planet at risk. CO2 is heavier than air, and a collapse of the outer atmospheric layer would drastically and rapidly cool the lower atmosphere. The enormous, record levels, of man-made heavier than air CO2 suddenly cooled would quickly sink with the massive weight pulling, through gravity, the rest of the atmosphere down with it, facilitating a full atmospheric collapse. An extinction level event would result. All life on Earth would be extinguished.

Scientists quietly warned World leaders that only a 50% mitigation of atmospheric CO2 levels in 2020 could potentially avert total disaster. Comprehensive and substantial reductions in atmospheric CO2 levels thereafter would be necessary to prevent future full atmospheric collapse. Alerting the public and mandating the drastic worldwide curtailment of CO2 levels was deemed too risky. Panic could ensue. Riots, total chaos, and anarchy everywhere was feared. A covert plan was deemed necessary.

Intense, lengthy, and bitterly contested discussions were held worldwide with top scientists, political, religious, corporate, and military leaders. It was agreed that highly advanced technologies currently suppressed from the populace would need to be released as quickly as possible. Introducing these vast changes too rapidly could upset economies worldwide, destroying long held monopolies, rendering trillions in global infrastructure and assets worthless overnight. Too gradual a release could doom the planet to extinction. A compromise was reached. A massive economic depressive event followed by a intensely quickened, but gradual release of advanced technologies was decided. The global pandemic termed the Corona Virus was contrived.

Releasing highly advanced technologies giving ordinary individuals an ability to harness immense power was not acceptable without a corresponding increase in individual surveillance and decrease in personal rights and liberties. Freedom or Free energy - it was stipulated there must be a trade off.

The Corona Virus Pandemic would slow world economies enough to forestall an atmospheric collapse in 2020. Overnight release of the reality of advanced technologies was deemed feasible with a mandatory de facto lockdown of the populace at the moment of acknowledgement of the most advanced and societal altering technologies, such as anti-gravity and highly advanced energy alternative technologies. The US Navy UAP videos release accomplished this task. Using specially designed and patented dye markers in the vaccine allowed the full scale "tagging" or "chipping" of all vaccinated.

"You were locked down when 'acknowledgment' occured with the US Navy videos. And now you're chipped, as the COVID vaccine is Certificate of Vaccination ID vaccine. By definition, you've been tagged. And Corona is the virus name. What does that say? They're not hiding anything. It's time to wake up."

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