Corona "Helpful" During 1st Round of Mass Arrests

Under cover of the Corona epidemic, human groups - often termed 'The Alliance' - were able to arrest and detain human collaborators and Cabal members "much more efficiently and effectively," says WUAPASS source. "Well, we knew where everyone was gonna be - at home - so it was totally low-key, under the radar. It's always a scene snatching people from the office or, say from a restaurant. A lot of these people we needed to take down all at once. We didn't want to risk tipping off anyone. So Corona made things much easier for us. And Corona was designed to be extremely more lethal to the Dracos and their hybrid offspring as well. Yes, they are reptilian, but they have a large avian component to them - like some dinosaurs, raptors and such. A bird-like constituent to their makeup we have been able to exploit with this highly viral avian flu."

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