Corona DNA Tests Identify Dracos, Vaccines Lethal

Gotta love that Corona Virus. It's the gift that keeps giving. Could the Corona Virus be a tool used by the Alliance - a coalition of World Governments and numerous ET groups - to flush out the Draco Reptilians they are having a hard time locating and expelling from the planet? It seems like it just may be. The Draco Reptilians, like our own extinct dinosaurs and raptors, may have an Avian component. Corona is an Avian flu - and while potentially deadly to humans, it's very lethal to Dracos. The Greys - an Ally of Humanity and member of the Alliance - discovered the Draco presence on the Earth and have been working with human groups to remove them. The Grey Alien species upgraded human DNA millenia ago and check the status of our DNA by abducting humans and checking them, they also use implants which can remotely monitor changes in DNA.

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