Containers: Disposable Like Lighters, TVs, Cell Phones?

Updated: Feb 4

You're consciousness, a soul. You've got an impending decision. "If you want to incarnate, what container will you choose. You've got many choices of a vehicle to contain your consciousness, but the 2 main choices are a biological entity which consumes and digests, an animal or animal-type entity - like a human hominid species, or 2) a synthetic container such as a torroidal field emitting device that contains consciousness in an electromagnetic field, or perhaps an android or a machine, manufactured purely synthetically or as a synthetic frame covered with biiological material that have been engineered for the purpose of containing consciousness. We have cell phones that hold our contacts, data, etc. If you're millions of years more advanced, you've got a device, a container, to house your consciousness or your soul after you "die" - if you want to be you again. It costs money, in Galactic Credits, in which Gold is most convertible."

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