Cigar shaped UAPs "are submarines."

Oddly enough, to go under is also to go higher - submarines have been and, according to a source, are still right now being used "as spaceships." WUAPASS has learned that similar requirements exist for both craft - in terms of being fully sealed, and with nuclear reactor on board - and the Nazis were the first to implement this technology in space. As all know, Germany reached space first with the V2 rocket in 1944. The US and USSR strapped some V2's together they commandeered from Germany and finally reached space in the 50's, with Nazi Verner Von Braun Head of NASA.

The Antarctic Nazis, utilizing anti gravity technology they removed to Antarctica in 1943, developed the technology and submarines (they call them U Boats) became some of the first craft to travel in space. They could travel underwater, in the Earth atmosphere, and in Outer Space.


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