CIA Files: Germans Reveal Nazi "Flying Saucer" Program in New Swabia Antarctica

Updated: Jul 14

According to declassified CIA files, multiple captured top Nazi engineers, scientists, and Commandants revealed the Germans had an extensive research and development program centered on developing craft using "anti-gravity" and other highly top secret experimental technology since 1941, and in 1945 the first prototypes could take off vertically like a helicopter and attain speeds over 2500 miles per hour.

A work camp Commandant admitted executing 40 German scientists in order to prevent their capture by the approaching Soviet Army, insisting the camp was developing advanced "anti-gravity" technology. He was later sentenced to death and hung for this crime. German engineer George Klein told the CIA that the Nazis evacuated their advanced experimental top secret weapons programs to Antarctica using submarines in March 1945.

Reich Fuehrer Successor Admiral Karl Donitz had boasted of creating an "impregnable fortress" for The Fuehrer at "the Far End of the World." German submarines, by 1943 according to Wikipedia, had operating depth abilities approximately 4 times that of the closest adversary. The German Type XXI "Elektroboot" submarine has a listed test depth of 787 ft on Wikipedia, which translates to a maximum operating depth of 1574 ft. The best Allied submarines had maximum operating depths of approximately 400 ft. These facts show that only German submariners had the ability to dive deep enough, about 1000 ft, to go under the Antarctic ice shelf that hung many miles off the rocky continental coasts and to emerge into geothermal pockets created by normal natural processes. The up to 3 mile thick ice cap covering the Antarctic continent was completely impregnable otherwise, including impossible to penetrate even with a nuclear weapon.

In 1947, US Navy Admiral Robert Byrd led a massive task force code named "Operation High Jump" sent by President Harry Truman to destroy any remnants of a Nazi faction which may be holding out in Antarctica. Rumors had persisted, and such numerous German testimonies were gathered of a Nazi southern pole Antarctic fortress that a task force of over 5000, including an aircraft carrier, battleships, and the World's first nuclear-powered submarine was dispatched to Antarctica. Arriving to the frozen continent, Admiral Byrd's task force was assailed by craft emerging from the icy waters, popping straight up out of the ocean and firing Focused Pulse Beam Microwave "Laser" bursts they were able to hone and weaponize under the Antarctic ice after World War II. The craft would suddenly appear out of the ocean to completely surprise the Americans, fire their weapons, then dart off at incredible speeds. It appears the Germans used their superior technologies to create a craft fully submersible - using elite, world-class submarine technology - heavily armored - using their advanced superior Panzer technology - and turbo jet powered - they were the first to develop jet technology. Adding an "anti-gravity" component and "pulse beam" microwave technology gave the Nazis a weapon vastly superior to anything the US possessed, and after all US aircraft were destroyed in less than 3 minutes, with an American battleship being "cut in half," Admiral Byrd called an immediate retreat.

In 1952, the Germans buzzed Washington DC with their craft forcing the US into a treaty with the Antarctic Germans. "They're proudly flying the Swastika down in New Swabia, ask Buzz Aldrin, who said what he saw in Antarctica was 'pure evil.' There is a massive German colony in Antarctica, and that's a fact. It's true."

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