CIA/Black Government Control World Drug Trade

Updated: Jul 22

We're back! Using 911 as a pretext for invasion of Afghanistan, the covert government was able to seize back the initiative in the Drug War as Taliban forces were burning the poppy fields in an attempt to rid Afghanistan of the drug and Western Imperialism and economic domination. By early 2001, the Taliban was able to reduce the heroin produced in it's country to levels unknown in the region for decades, if not centuries. To perhaps just 5% of the World Heroin production. Intolerable to the Black Government and potential devastating to the covert funding necessary for future needs, a scheme was devised to give pretext for invasion of Afghanistan to retake control and production of Afghan poppy fields. Poppy production has not only been restored to pre-Taliban levels, but is now estimated that Afghanistan produces up to 90% of World Heroin production. Funding has been restored and the quest for Full Spectrum Domination continues.

Secret deal with Taliban gives US assurance the poppy fields will not be disturbed, in return for US withdrawal.

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