Blast from the 'ASS: Best Of WUAPASS - Past Articles Presently Available Online Now

Don't Panic: Chip to be Implemented Slowly

Black Holes No Longer "Enter Only"

US Finds New Swabiland "Fully Armed and Operational"

WUAPASS Links Alien Craft from Multiple Areas

NASA Pics Show Life, Plants, Water, Structures

Corona Project Research and Conclusion Papers 1 and 2

You Can Be You Again Now

Threats, Bribes, and Drugs: Inside the US/Taliban Deal

Perfect Timing: Space Force is 50

12/21/12: Date Duality Deletion Decided

Economic Discrepancies Suggest Artificial Manipulation

No Wins Now Known Need to Know Now

Boiled or Fried? Corn Oil Propels Yankees to Victory

Human Experiment "Ready" for Self Management

$15 Minimum Wage is Really $6

Falling Into You: Gravity "Wells" Provide Propulsion Opportunities

The Chip and Why You'll Get It

Alien Abductions are Catch, Tag, and Release

People Vote Bill of Rights Torn Up

Freedom or Free Energy: "It's a Trade Off"

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