"Best Actor" in "Best Story" in Best Seller Ever: Jesus Christ

Updated: Apr 27

You see the tells. Read between the lines. Pick up the ball. "And then you run with it. That's how it works," explains Gnos Sherman.

Insider information has alerted WUAPASS of a "Major News Event."

Jesus Christ, Son of God, Our Lord and Savior - Is an ET Hybrid.

An ET species known as the Ebens placed Jesus on Earth to uplift Humanity and facilitate the successful, healthy Evolution of The Universe. The Ebens have appeared to humans dressed in Templar robes bearing Large Red Crosses, claiming to be an Order of Jesuit Priests. "They claim to be The Creator's of Christ."

The Ebens abducted a young girl deemed as genetically pure and used genetically altered "seed" to impregnate Mary. Good Man Joseph married the young lady, perceived blighted but superior quality and nonetheless valued.

The Vatican has led the Disclosure. "They've recently talked of 'Our ET Brothers and Sisters.' It's surreal, but It's True, a Disclosure event is on the horizon. It will shake the foundations of Humanity. It' coming soon. But you heard it here first."

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