Ancient Aliens "WARP Bubble" may use Torsion Engine to Produce Electromagnetic Field Around Craft

Columbus rode on water waves. The Wrights rode air waves. Today, we ride gravity waves. Using advanced technology within a craft, we produce a "WARP" Bubble around the craft, which is an electromagnetic toroidal field that fully encompasses and protects the Space/Time within from the gravity waves, or G Forces the "WARP Bubble" is using as a medium for travel. An analogy would be a submarine, but "You're in a gravity wave submarine." UAP and UFO's can become "massless" using this electromagnetic field to repulse a counter magnetic force.

Airplanes ride within the air waves. Submarines ride within the water waves. Each are sealed bubbles protecting the occupants from the outside environment.

A UFO or UAP are sealed bubbles riding within gravity waves. The occupants are protected from the gravity waves they swim in.

A torsion engine spinning an high voltage electrified highly super conductive liquid metal, such as mercury, can create a vortex, like a whirlpool in water, that pulls space/time into it and compresses the space/time, creating a vortex that pulls the craft forward.

Creating lightning in a bottle, ionization of the liquid mercury spun into a gas uses the energy input of a lightning bolt, to ignite it into a highly charged plasma.

Similar to compressing Nitrogen or CO2 gas, compressing this extremely energetic highly charged plasma results in extremely cold temperatures but creates a controllable highly super conductive media which can be spun in a torsion engine at high RPM to spin off an electromagnetic field like a centrifuge.

Mercury is electrified with high voltage current, polarizing the mercury with positive and negative poles, and inducing the magnetic property of attraction between opposite poles. Using the following basic example of a positively and negatively charged amount of Mercury, + Mercury - , and rotating or spinning the artificially created mercury magnet on the + - pole axis the electromagnetic field between + and - is spun off and projected outward and separated from the mercury, as in a centrifuge, by the torsion engine.

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