Alien Technology worth "thousands, if not billions, of trillions."

WUAPASS has learned that the slogan "follow the money", can be applied to almost everything Earthly, but can now be extrapolated into the Heavens as well. In this case it applies to the cover up of UAP's, their Alien passengers, and most importantly - Alien Technology. Per Wikipedia, "Isolated and stored anti-matter could be used as a fuel for interplanetary or interstellar travel as part of an antimatter-catalyzed nuclear pulse propulsion." Antimatter, just a very small piece of Alien Technology, or AT, is one of the most expensive tangible items on Earth, with a gram of anti-matter costing up to $62.5 trillion, per NASA in 1999. The stakes are high, and those in control of AT will stop at almost nothing to maintain control of it.

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