Alien Tech is in Deck of Cards

It is commonly known the government possesses advanced technology, primarily in the Armed Forces. "You don't develop the most advanced technology and then go and give it away," says Gnos Sherman, "you especially don't give it away to your adversaries. You lock that technology down and make sure it doesn't get out. That's how it works." It has been surmised that AT, Alien Technology, has been acquired - beginning with the Roswell event. A compilation of over 600 'credible' witness will attest to the event, and it's extraterrestrial component. 'Credible' witnesses usually require a background which lends to their credibility - Military personnel of all ranks. All ranks of military personnel are represented in the roster of 600 credible witnesses. Law enforcement and other emergency responders - which comprise a substantial number within the 'credible' witness tally. Doctors, Radar and Weather Observation personnel, and many credible citizens many with an observation background. Roswell is generally considered the most well document and verified UAP/UFO event in history. The technology acquired here, and later events - some involving pulse beam microwave technology to shoot the craft down - is high end gear. "The real prize is the Alien tech. Some of this stuff is multi, multi trillion dollar technology. You don't just give it away for free. And some of it is extremely powerful and in the wrong hands can be very dangerous. So before they can release the free energy, which is and has been available to some, they have to lock us down. We trade our freedom for technology. It's like that book I read. It didn't turn out well."

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