Alien Hybridization: Upgrade Containers for Souls to Incarnate In

If you get abducted by Aliens, don't worry, you're being upgraded. "The Aliens have been genetically engineering us for millenia. We have an artificial splice in our chromosomes for crying out loud, I don't know what else I can say to make people realize this. And this was published years ago, lol. I think we're still mostly monkey cause people are missing the boat and don't even realize," states anonymous exclusive WUAPASS source, "they pay a lot of money, well Galactic Credits - which are in gold - to incarnate into a human body and to experience our 3D existence. They don't want to incarnate into some dumbass, they want to be something significant - like a doctor or CPA or turn their humanly passions into their own business - they don't want to incarnate as a less than desirable or workable to their expectations entity."

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