Alien Abductions are Catch, Tag, and Release

Most alien abductions which occur are catch, tag, and release. The human is abducted, usually at night, by telepathically paralyzing then levitating the abductee into the Alien Spacecraft - usually with a beam of light and out a window or even through walls. Once aboard the Alien Spacecraft, the abductee is subjected to invasive medical procedures including drawing blood, taking skin samples, and other samples - such as spinal and brain fluid as well as multiple DNA samples. The abductee is then often tagged - like humans tag cattle, mountain lions, or condors. The tag is generally in the form of an Alien Implant under the skin in various areas, or often inside the upper nasal passage underneath the brain. Dr. David Leer, a retired surgeon, now donates his time to removing Alien Implants and believes he has removed more than a dozen and a half. The implants are small metallic objects usually less than a centimeter long, but always being covered in a membrane that is impenetrable to most instruments including a surgical scalpel. Numerous Alien Implants have been sent in for tested and the results have been labeled by the foremost expert on atomic metallic molecular composition testing as "the smoking gun." The composition of the Alien Implants includes metals that are not available in our Solar System. "These were made somewhere else, perhaps not in our galaxy." The techniques to construct the implants would not be available to make the devices regardless. The implants contain high level of materials used in today's superconductor computers and they emit a detectable electromagnetic frequency.

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