African Yard Sale: "It's True."

Foreign corporations are buying up land in Africa for a very low price. "You can't make more land, a real estate, so even though it's a lot of it in the world, there is less and less that's not titled or privately owned, or public owned and not for sale." The scarcity is increasing because the supply available isn't what it was. "You've got China and Russia and America buying the land rights there. The people need the money now, but it sells their future to Corporations and Imperialistic nations. It's like colonization all over, but now it's i's dotted and t's crossed and all legal. Economic domination which leads to exploitation of the populace and now it's another class of workers for the machine. And forever land and mineral rights at low cost. It's win-win, lose-lose. Full Spectrum Domination. That's the way it works."

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