Abductee Anxiety Caused By ET Frequency

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

The frequency of most ETs that visit Earth is usually much higher than the frequency humans are conditioned to experiencing. The Greys, the species most responsible for creating, upgrading, and monitoring human beings actually have a much higher frequency which does not allow them to comfortably physically interact with humans on Earth - so they created a fiber printed synthetic biological entity they use as an Avatar to do the abduction. They are named the small Greys whereas the true consciousness ultimately belongs to the big Greys - the masters behind the scene. "It's not only they're standing next to your bed at 4am and you've been paralyzed. If that wasn't enough, these beings have an energy that resonates outward which is very uncomfortable physically but more so it is very terrifying. They do try to keep all specimens from recalling any memories of the event because remembering can be very hard on the psyche - even though they repeat over and over that 'you're safe' and they're 'not gonna hurt you.' They're here because they have upgraded us genetically in the past and they check on our DNA and genetics often. They continue to upgrade us. We're containers for souls they pimp out for money. Get over it."

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