9/11: Bold Move Failed "They Went Too Far"

Recently revealed information suggests that 9/11 was a "power grab" attempted by the Draco Reptilian negative ET species and their human collaborators, commonly collectively called the Draco "Installation." "9/11 was a desperate act, an attempt to thwart the coming Ascension of Mankind. To shift the duality timeline into a predominantly negative timeline and plunge the World into a dark age. They sought total dominance and exploitation of Humanity and to control the narrative of our reality indefinitely." WUAPASS Investigative Reporter, top snoop Gnos Sherman has discovered a group of humans called "The Alliance" has 'stomped out' the negative alien presence from the planet... for the most part. "Not hearing much on the 9/11 Grand Jury shows the 9/11 Truthers have been hushed while the perpetrators are being rooted out. The Draco Reptilians are part-Avian, like a Raptor. They have underlying Avian, or bird-like, DNA." Corona is an Avian flu, a bird flu. Sources have indicated Corona was manufactured specifically to "flush out" the remaining negative ETs. "We raided their underground lairs, some were Black Government DUMBS, Deep Unnderground Military Bases, built with massive nuclear powered tunneling machines - like the ones we allegedly used to undermine Iran while we had them surrounded and place nuclear warheads deep underneath them 'to give them something to think about.' Now, the Draco Reptilians were gassed - and on a planetary scale with Corona. 'Corona Kills Dracos Dead' is the slogan. It's only about 80 percent kill rate. But the vaccine is 100 % lethal to them. They're being taken care of. 'They went too far.'"

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