$15 Minimum Wage is Really $6

"How can I afford anything when 60 % of my money goes to taxes," asks troubled citizen, "I'm delinquent every month on something, it's frustrating as hell." It's true. Over 50% of gasoline is tax. Nearly 75% cost of a Fifth or 750ml of liquor - tax. Even if you pay Zero Income tax, you ALWAYS pay 15.3 % of every dollar you make for Employment taxes such as social security and medicaid. "Even if you don't think you do, you do. It is a fact. It's 15.3% minimum and everyone always pays this, now a lot of taxes are hidden and people have no clue." For instance, almost 50% of the cost of your beer is tax. "It's in there. You think you pay no tax on bread? That's a total fallacy." About 30 % the cost of bread is tax. Hotel rooms and Airline tickets? Over 40 % tax. The soda you're drinking is over a third tax. "If you make $50,000 a year you may think you're doing ok, but after total taxes you've got $20,000. It's a 60/40 split and you're on the wrong end of the deal. It's true. And so much of it is the hidden taxes you don't even know you're paying. How can someone buy a house, it's very hard to save money let alone a down payment for the average person. If you do save, well now you're hand is forced to join the ranks and establish credit. So now your paying the interest too. And interest can break you as well as taxes can. It's almost like a well devised scheme designed to redistribute the wealth - but not in your favor. Why do they need all this money? Is it just pure greed? Or is most of it siphoned off to build a multi-trillion dollar Space Force. Well, now we have a Space Force so I guess we have the answer."

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