12/21/12: Date Duality Deletion Decided

Updated: Jul 21

We live in a Universe of Duality. Good and Bad. Positive and Negative. Evil and Light. Love and Fear... "Ascension is the increase in consciousness which elevates the positive timeline to dominance or deletes the competing alternative negative timeline in a duality based system," claims Gnos Sherman of WUAPASS, "It's been a battle between forces beyond ourselves, yet solely fought and determined by ourselves. Fear now becomes a past construct. Love has won the future."

On December 21, 2012, the timeline of a positive ascension was "clinched" with the competing and alternative negative timeline becoming generally impossible. Sherman, "It was a great day for Humanity. The positive timeline was seized. It was a fight - for sure - the negative forces in a dual system seek evil - hate, death, destruction, dominance, enslavement - it's a sick and twisted paradigm desired from some of the worst ET's. That's what they do, it's how they're programmed. A snake will be a snake. The Game is the Duality of our Universe. But the only fear is fear itself. By Ascending, by eliminating the negative timeline, the frequency of our collective consciousness has risen, and we move out of the Universe of Duality and Ascend a frequency to a new reality. A positive reality for Mankind. It's all about love, for self and others, and a vision with hope of a brighter future for humanity."

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