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Most pop artists plagiarize images, lyrics, and even sound recordings, but none is as infamous as Prince. The pop music icon's music and lyrics are widely considered to be filled with stolen ideas. Among the most notable examples are songs like "Kiss," "When Doves Cry," and "1999," among many others. For years, Prince's music has been dogged by accusations of plagiarism, and while most of the accusations have been easy to dismiss, as many are saying, one song Prince wrote about in the 1980s may not be so easily dismissed. Cease and Desist "Stop Copying Me" is an almost perfect parody of Prince's song "Do Me, Baby," written by the artist as "We Can't Stop Copying Me" in 1986. The song was a success, and the record label sued Prince for copyright infringement. The lawsuit was settled out of court in 1988, and as part of the agreement, Prince gave up his right to use the parody's chorus. The copyright infringement case was initially brought against Prince in 1987, just weeks after "Stop Copying Me" was released, but the lawsuit was dropped when the Prince and The Revolution members each signed a document agreeing not to use the copyright. In the 1990s, the ex-members of Prince's band, the Revolution, brought suit against Prince and Warner Bros. Records, claiming that Prince had repeatedly used samples and infringed on the copyrights of the band members. The band members claimed that Prince had illegally sampled music from the band, without their permission. They also claimed that Prince had illegally copied their vocals, and in one case, a sampled guitar solo was used to replace a vocal melody. According to The New York Times, the suit settled in 1997, and according to Prince's statement at the time, "The lawsuit is over. It was not worth it." Prince Parodies Since that time, Prince has released more than 100 songs, and he has had little problem using other artists' songs without permission. But he has used some of the most popular songs in a parody manner. In a recording session for her album The Truth, rapper Missy Elliott performed the rap "Silly Song," a parody of the pop song "The Ringing Bells" by English rock band The Verve. That same year, Prince released the parody song "20Ten," a direct take-off of Elliott's "Silly Song," and a reference to the teen




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