WUAPASS Poll: Love Beats Fear in Landslide

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

"We didn't do anything too scientific, but the results kind of speak for themselves. Most people we asked preferred love to fear, and it wasn't even close," reveals Sherman. "The ET's have let it be known, usually through telepathic means, that we no longer need to be afraid. We need to shelve fear and focus on love to evolve to the next stage of cosmic awareness. It's true that we are all part on one singularity, and now that Quantum physics has shown all once connected is still connected we know that there is an energy that connects us all. Is it like the Force from Star Wars? Well according to WUAPASS predictive programming ideology, it was. And we can all learn to use our minds as such, but it's only through love and with pure hearted intent."

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