WUAPASS News: "It's Newer than News"

Updated: Sep 2

US Space Force First to Use Artificial Consciousness Units in Potentially Hazardous, Remote, and Numerous other Situations Deemed Uncomfortable, Impractical, or Dangerous

"They're like Drones You Control, but more like Synthesized Biological Humanoid Avatars in which Consciousness is Downloaded," reveals Insider.

Multi-Task: Numerous Consciousness Units Can Be Controlled By One User - "And They're Disposable"

Hot Tub Time Machine? : Torsion Field Vortex Captures and Compresses Space/Time Pulling Craft to Destination Point - "It's a Space/Time Whirlpool."

What Is The Meaning of Life? : "The Need To Know"

Something Else: UAP Observer - "It's Like a Bird or Airplane... They're Riding on Something but You Know It's Not Nothing."

That's Typical : UAP UFO Instant Linear Point to Point Travel is Standard Observation = "And They Can Look Like They're 'Skipping Water' When They Turn"

Take the Money and Run: Nazis Seek Impregnable Fortress To Bury Looted Treasure - "Iron, Oil, Uranium, the World's Largest Supply of Fresh Water were Factors, but Security Under the Massive Antarctic Polar Ice Cap was the Key."

The Police : "We Are Spirits In The Material World" - 12 Strings of Resonance Provide Frequential Space/Time Platform Upon Which We Hang Out and Matter

Gnos Take : "All the Kids are Getting E-Tech This Christmas," claims Northern Pole Insider. Sherman Says "We'll See."

Mars and Moon Colonies Set for 2024 : "We Have Got A Problem" - Expected Delays Launch T-time 2026

Revelations : It Was All a Dream - Altered Consciousness 'Day Dream' Inspires Association

Ezekiel's Wheel In a Wheel : Counter Rotating Magnetic Disks Spin Off Electromagnetic Field

Physosophy : 11 Strings Means 12 When You Start From Zero: "And Only 12 Is All That Eleven Can Be. 11.999999... Let's Just Call 12"

Breaking Up is Hard to Do : Quantum Physics Ends AT&T Bell "Long Distance" Monopoly At Atmosphere

Constructive Integration? : Western Real Interests Cut Mexican Territory Occupancy From 11,000,000 to 1,000,000 in Spanish Conquisition Land Grab - "It's more comfortable when the 'former tenant' isn't still there, and much cheaper..."

"They're Cranking Them Out Like Sausages" : Cattle Mutilations Provide Biological Substrate for Pine Gap Biological Drone Factory, Claims Dr. Steven Greer - Tele-Operational Consciousness Remote Controlled Biological Drones - Avatars

Sailing The Seas of Plasma : Electromagnetic Field "Bubble" Riding G Waves in Plasma Medium - "Lightning Bolt/Tornado 'In A Bottle' Tech, 'Greased Lightning' 'Riding the Lighting' Space/Time Vortex Pulling a Massless Craft Frictionlessly to Any Point in Space/Time."

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