WUAPASS Links Alien Spacecraft From Multiple Areas

WUAPASS has discovered a link between UAP sightings on two separate continents, from across the World - and from a celestial body upon which the Rosetta Deep Space Probe has landed - millions of miles across the solar system.

These first pictures were taken by an astronomer in Turkey

This craft is wing shaped and appears to have a floating magnetic disk underneath the craft, most likely anti-gravity. A break in the wing may be an engine. There are two Alien Grey occupants. Shown here:

This second craft was photographed recently in Alaska. Notice the craft are similar. Both craft appear to have a floating magnetic disk below the center and a break in the wing where an engine appears to be.

This third similar craft was photographed by the Rosetta Deep Space Probe just off the celestial body it landed upon. It has been suggested the mission is Military, possibly a rendeavous or reconassaince, The celestial body, a comet, has been emitting signals that have been suggested to be an Alien transmission. Aliens often hollow out various celestial bodies to use as craft.

All three craft are wing type UAPs of similar size - about the size of a family car.

The occupant shown here looks amazingly similar to a US Government photograph of an Alien Grey purportedly leaked in the 1970's, shown below.

3 Alien Spacecraft from 3 different areas of similar shape and size. And a possible match with the Alien Greys. Coincidence?? "No," states Gnos Sherman, "it's not."

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