WUAPASS: Alien Abductions Like Property Taxes

When I pay my property taxes every single year, I no longer complain about the money going to schools - even though I have no children. I don't like paying for children who are not mine or that I don't even know or have relation to. However, after meditation and reflection, I realized I don't want a bunch of uneducated little delinquents running around, breaking into my stuff, causing problems at every turn. It's cheaper to just pay now than pay more later. And I get it! The Alien Hybridization program is similar to this concept. Do the aliens want a bunch of unintelligent humans playing with atomic weapons and such? No, they don't . So they upgrade us to make sure we don't do stupid things to mess up the Universe. And that makes sense. It's just one of their motives. They intend for us not to destroy ourselves. It's a big genetic experiment - over millions and millions of years. We're not here by accident."

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