What's in the Box? Cube UAPs Showing their Faces

Updated: Jul 30

Real Video : UFO Witness, Season 2, Episode 6, Nordics and The Cube - "They're seeing Cube UAP's over Missouri. Do they reside in the vast Ozark water network?

Cube shaped UAP's have been seen and reported for millenia. WUAPASS postured, "Is this a new paradigm in the shape of torroidal fields?" Torroidal fields are electromagnetic fields generated by UAPs which produce an anti-gravitic effect. However, recently a US Navy fighter pilot saw a Cube UAP, and he viewed it from multiple angles and various distances. He stated, "It was a Cube within a Sphere." "That keeps with the past precedents regarding UAPs. The Sphere which encompassed the Cube was it's torroidal field. The torroidal field is best visible at night, and these UAPs will often appear as orbs. When closer the visuality of the torroidal field somewhat diminishes and the UAP can be seen for it's actual configuration, not just an orb of light," claims Gnos Sherman.

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