US Finds Antarctica New Swabia "Fully Armed and Operational"

Updated: Jul 14

The original organization bent on Full Spectrum Domination probably wasn't the Nazis, but those dynamic and resourceful Germans made it policy: a well planned, extremely detailed, and aggressively pursued agenda. Seeking new territory after losing all foreign and colonial possessions in The Peace of Versailles, as well as over 1/8th of the Fatherland itself, the Germans scoured the Earth for bastions of potential habitability to colonize and settle. An expedition to the southern pole, Antarctica, in the 1930's revealed a massive body larger than Australia with unknown potential. An ice shelf larger than the continent itself hung many miles off the rocky continental coasts. The Germans, World-Class Submariners in all conditions, adventured under the ice shelf and emerging into geothermal pockets found warm waters, enormous cavities, lakes, rivers, green valleys, and habitable temperatures and climates. In 1938, New Swabiland was born.

The thermal satellite imaging below clearly shows the enormous amount of geothermal heat being released from underneath the Antarctic ice shelf. It appears enormous cavities of warm areas exist underneath the ice. Normal geothermal processes, such as volcano activity, create huge pockets of habitable areas under the up to 3 mile thick ice cap with comfortable temperatures for human settlement. "It looks like a whole system of underground rivers and streams exist, draining the Antarctic basins on all side of the Continental Divide. Just imagine exploring all these massive pockets. The open areas under the ice appear to be quite substantial." Most importantly, the majority of freshwater on Earth is locked within the frozen poles. "It's all freshwater frozen at the poles, up to 95 % of Earth's supply of fresh water is at the poles," claims Gnos Sherman

In 1944, German Navy Grand Admiral Karl Donitz, who was named Reich Fuhrer successor by Adolf Hitler in April 1945, stated, "The German submarine fleet is proud of having built for the Fuhrer in another part of the World a Shangri-La.... an impregnable fortress." A large scale operation by United States military termed "Operation High Jump" with thousands of men, an aircraft carrier, and the first US nuclear submarine (nuclear powered) was sent to Antarctica in 1947. The scheduled operation of 6 months lasted only 2 months after the enormous militarized task force was turned away from the Antarctic continent by "craft of unknown origin that demonstrated weapons capabilities vastly superior to our own."

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