Rural Southern Wisconsin: "Beast of Bray Road"

"Something large is lurking around Bray Road," states source. It appears there is a "werewolf, like a dog that walks like a person, on two feet," "I know what I saw." The multiple witnesses all concur, "iridescent orange, red eyes 7 feet off the ground. It looks like a wolf or German shepherd running on two legs." "The Beast has a wider range than we thought, venturing far from Bray Road."

"I think it's a werewolf," says source. The "Monster of the Midwest" has killed farms animals and "there's a lot of corn, a lot of woods out here." "That's huge," exclaimed professional tracker/hunter brought to find and identify the Beast of Bray Road. With hundreds of credible siteings of the creature it appears the threat is real. Dog man? Wolf Man? WUAPASS is on the case.

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