New AI "Consciousness Assisted" Tech Isn't Yes/No, Right/Left - "It Sees Intention, Emotional State"

Updated: Jul 24

"We're sorry, but you're not able to make that call at the moment," says the computer-generated female voice at the other end of the line... "You're currently emotionally compromised."

The new AI Consciousness Assisted Tech being developed, such as Neural-Link by Elon Musk, uses advanced "Quantum Computing" to measure and translate the electromagnetic activity within a human brain into not only basic commands - such as up/down, yes/no, forward/back - but actually can measures the intentions and emotional state of the user.

"It's Big Brother breaking out the 'Thought Police,'" relays Gnos Sherman CEO/President of WUAPASS, "No longer will telemarketers be the victim of abuse. If you're totally out-of-your-mind pissed off, well you'll have to call back later because the AI will determine the user's current emotional state. If someone walks into a Wal-Mart with the intention of shoplifting, the AI at the entrance will identify that and you'll be denied that shopping privilege. Those individuals attempting to purchase a firearm will undergo an evaluation of what they intend to use the firearm for. You wanna take money out of the ATM? Well, if the AI determines you're gonna buy stolen property with your money, the transaction will not be allowed. You're gonna learn how to think, and thus act, correctly."

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