Large UAP First Object Ever Recorded Exiting Black Hole

It's true. "A few years ago we recorded the first object ever entering our solar system from outside of our solar system, and now the first ever object to be seen emerging from a black hole has been recorded." The object was thousands of miles long, about the size of Argentina. "It was completely unthinkable that we would ever see an object coming out of a black hole," states WUAPASS's Gnos Sherman. The black hole is located approximately 5 billion light years from the Sol System, the official name of our solar system. The general consensus is that it is an artificial alien craft using an unknown technology - possibly using the black hole as a portal for traveling, or a source of energy. "Only an advanced civilization using an immense amount of energy and technology could make this possible. Because no one had ever viewed an object exiting a black hole, we thought everything entering a black hole was ripped apart and destroyed, but apparently not everything. The implications alter our thinking of physics, but it is 100 percent true. Look it up."

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