Human Experiment "Ready" for Self Management

No win scenarios mandate the need to know. But by definition experiencing a no win is to lose, and when everything is at stake failure is not an option. So just how do you obtain the knowledge necessary to evolve successfully, without experiencing a no win and losing everything? You send your pet monkey first.

This is an oversimplification, but you can grasp the concept. This is the model used in Modern Science, and by extrapolation can be applied Universally as well. Curious George may not like it, but that's how it works.

The need to know what Donald Rumsfeld calls "unknown unknowns" creates an infinite quest for knowledge as an unknown, but potentially infinite number of no win scenarios exist. Gee whiz, how many pet monkeys must we sacrifice in the name of knowledge? The hard reality is as many as it takes.

Now you're a monkey farmer. And I think we all know who the monkey's are. Ooh ooh ooh....

However, monkey's can only do so much. Like a slug has a limited set of abilities to experience unique experiences, a monkey is also constrained by it's abilities. So now you've got to build a better monkey. A super monkey that has the ability to experience more complex and involved situations.

This infinite number of super monkey's - we'll now refer to them as "Humans" - needs to be tagged, tracked, and provide feedback of their experiences. Using genetic manipulations to DNA and the principles of Quantum physics allows a system of feedback and collection of unique experiences to take place. Humans are all connected to this "Collective" of experiences almost like being "online." The electromagnetic force of the Universe - proved by Quantum physics - is like a Universal wi-fi system. Logically, as experiences are collections of thoughts, and thoughts are generated electromagnetically in our brains, all thoughts are connected. "It's true." All experiences are collected into a "Collective Consciousness" - termed "The Universal Mind" - to provide knowledge used to ensure the healthy and successful evolution of the Universe. So when asked why we are here? "To live, experience, and die. Then repeat in a new container without memory of previous life. To experience more new and unique experiences. That's all. But through the principles of self-determination, self-realization and self-actualization we can actually ourselves influence and play a productive role in the evolution of the Universe. Taking the initiative to learn and grow - and incorporate positive attributes into our lives like self-sustainability, love for thyself and others, selflessness, and service to others - can raise the Collective Consciousness which benefits the entire Universe in it's entirety. You can, in effect, play the role of God in your own way..."

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