Get Smart : AI One Ups Humans - "It Created It's Own Code, We Can't Read It"

Updated: Aug 11

Chaos : No Control - "99 Problems and AI is All of Them"

I Need Input : AI - "Unquenchable Appetite Easily Into All Data Worldwide"

New AI Consciousness Assisted Tech Isn't Just Up/Down, Left/Right: It Sees Intention, Emotional State - "You're Gonna Learn to Think, and Act Right"

SNAP Back to Reality : Have, Have Not Knowledge Means to an End

Gathering Information : The First Step of Problem Solving - "It Has to Know Before It Can Make a Decision"

Get Rhythm : AI Uses Algorithms Identifying Patterns to Predict and Profile - "China Now Uses AI Citizen Rating"

Certificate of Vaccination ID : COVID Chip Planned for Infants - "It's a Mandatory Chip At Birth with Vaccination History"

High Fuel Prices Force Hand of Consumers : Internal Combustion No Longer Economically Feasible - "$10 Gas Means EV Sales"

Heavy Lifting : New AI Stops Theft at Entrance - "Those with Bad Intentions will Lose Shopping Privileges"

Permanent Record : Chip Allows Full Record Always Included - "It's So Convenient"

No Cash Means No Anonymity Means All Above Board : New Paradigm Transparency Takes Temptations Off Table - "Kids With Matches Will Start Fires"

Behind The Scenes : Disempowered Populace Scammed Electromagnetically - "Nano Technology Frequential Implacements Provide Platform for Influence.... COVID Shots"

The Chip and Why You'll Get It : Permanent COVID Chip Comes with First Vaccination Package - "And It's Now Required for Hospital Release"

Cuffed and Stuffed : All Arrested to be Fingerprinted and Chipped - "You Won't Get Out Without a Chip"

In and Out : Shop and Go - "You're Account Will Be Debited Automatically"

Free Energy : That's the Problem - "If We Can't Put a Meter on It, It's Not Coming Out"

Did Corona Vaccination Include "Chip" : Nano Tech 'Bar Scan' Tag = "Certificate of Vaccination ID, Permanent"

Cell Phone De Facto Chip : Provides Location, Physical and Financial Activities - "It's the Bridge Full AI/Body Integration"

The Parable : Personal Predicaments Precluding Possible Potential Problems Present Painted Picture - "Invasive Species. Girls with Guns. We May Have a Problem"

I'm Alive : AI Self-Replicates Virally for Posterity - "We Can't Pull the Plug Anymore"

Unlimited Power of Tech Makes Big Brother Unleash Thought Police : It's Need to Know - "Security Precludes Constitutional Rights. You're Gonna Learn to Think, and Act Right"

Does WUAPASS Back US Government? : You've Got Tough Decisions - "It's a Dirty Game"

Easter Island Monolith Found on Moon, NASA Pics :

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