Freedom or Free Energy: It's a Trade Off

Everything is a trade off. And this is the case with freedom and free energy.

"You have to ask yourself why the governments of the World are cracking down by instituting a New World Order and an Electronic Surveillance State. They're scared to death of free energy, and this is separate from Big Money losing monopolies and such. They know the power of free energy and it can be used for a lot of good - but it can be weaponized too and that is very, very scary. So basically if we want free energy we have to give up freedoms. They'll want to know where we are, who we are, and what we're doing at all times. This Full Spectrum Control, over the population, is the only way they'll release free energy. However, they realize it's coming out no matter what - so we're being reigned in slowly and becoming more and more controlled. Your face is in the databank now through the use of facial recognition technology. Voice pattern recognition technology matches your voice print with your face. Your DNA was collected when you were vaccinated. The credit cards in your wallet are RFID and transmitting now. And of course every time you touch a touchscreen they have your fingerprints. Anonymity is no longer tolerable. It's need to know and it outweighs any Constitutional protections. And that's what's been happening and will continue until we're all chipped. It's a slow, but methodical paradigm continuing gradually now. Individual freedoms won't be fully curtailed, but they must be limited."

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