Economic Discrepancies Suggest Artificial Manipulation

Updated: Jan 11

Cost of Labor is directly reflective of the supply and demand curve, the model used by Economists to show the directly inverse relationship between supply and demand. In a static system in which supply and demand remain unchanged, productivity is generally the most influential factor determining cost of labor. WUAPASS has found that the slow growth of the cost of labor - wages - was not in correlation to the dramatic increases in productivity enabled by technological increases. All else constant, wages - the cost of labor - should be substantially higher as productivity per worker has seen major increases - mostly due to technological advances.

I decided to investigate this anomaly. I have found that the cost of labor has not increased in direct correlation with productivity - the production level of a worker over time. While productivity should have been a main factor, if not the main factor, in wage increases, it was not. Why I wondered? I've come to the conclusion that the cost of labor has been artificially influenced - negatively against labor. WUAPASS has determined that deliberate actions were taken to limit worker wage - to not correspond to the cost of labor and productivity relationship. We concluded a massive financial operation siphoning increase in productivity gains by workers exists, and has existed since after World War 2. This scheme perpetrated at the highest levels suggests a hidden budget consuming trillions of dollars that theoretically should have come in the form of an increase in the cost of labor and thus worker wage.

However, productivity gains were influenced by technology that was deemed to be beyond the normal course of technological progress. AT, and RAT increased the ability of every worker to be productive. Deemed an unnatural and artificial productivity increase, powers manipulated cost of labor to project as if AT was unavailable. The increase in productivity, and what should have been a massive increase in cost of labor was artificially siphoned off. The worker did not receive the artificial increase in cost of labor. The secret construction of a multi trillion dollar Space Force provides an explanation of the cost of labor/productivity lack of correlation.

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