"Doomsday" Glacier To Break Us Off Massively

"Learn to swim," sings Tool lead singer Maynard. Is this man a prophet? "If the largest glacier in the World breaks and slips off it's ice shelf into the Ocean, well, we're kinda fucked. This ice cube clearly tells us, "It won't be a good day," states WUAPASS Climatologist Gnos Sherman. The hastening melting of the polar ice has stirred concerns that a potentially devastating glacial fracturing event could occur. "Massive bodies of ice, with incredible amounts of destructive kinetic energy, are hanging onto their ice shelfs by fracturing cracks and crevices of exponentially increasing size. The ice is melting underneath the glaciers, lubricating a massive slippage. It's astronomical mass is hanging on by a thread. It wants to, and will, slide into the ocean. We've already had an iceberg of over a trillion tons break off of Antarctica and slide into the Ocean. What if a million trillion tons broke off? For some it will be ultimate catastrophe. For others, well, they'll suddenly own beachfront property."

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