Coca-Cola Number 1 All Time Cocaine King

Updated: Sep 2

If you check the record, Coca-Cola has sold the most Cocaine ever. Bullshit you say? "Look it up," laughs Gnos Sherman, "Coca-Cola buys millions of tons of Coca Leaf yearly, they then de-nature it - which means extract the pure Cocaine from the leaf - and use the de-natured (drug-free) leaf to brew Coca-Cola. They sell the pure Cocaine to pharmaceutical companies in the US and throughout the World. It's been rumored that, not only do they produce a fantastic cola, their Cocaine is pretty bomb as well. And with the worldwide popularity of Coca-Cola they've got to have millions of tons being bulldozed into large piles somewhere. Is it purchased through false corporations by the CIA for worldwide distribution? They cannot possibly sell all of that pure Cocaine to pharmaceutical companies. If I'm in control, I take that asset and use it to fund my agenda. And I assume they do the same. You absolutely cannot let your adversary control that asset. "An unquenchable thirst exists, that quite frankly is never fully satisfied. The politics of contraband is inelastic supply and demand. And that's the way it works."

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