Busted! Alien Grey Caught on IR Camera in Act of Abduction

The above image shows an Alien Grey levitating an abductee through a window. The Alien has one hand holding down the abductee as they levitate, the other hand controlling the abductee from underneath.

Please note the appearance of skin consistency is, as previously widely reported by other Alien Grey Abductees, "like a dolphin, but light gray."

Reportedly, the Greys are Biological Entities grown over a synthetic nervous system/spinal column with an AI mind. They Greys have 3 fingers and a thumb. The following mummified hands were found recently in Peru:

Please note the copper metallic plate on top on one hand, a possible synthetic controlling device.

The Busted! Alien Grey appears similar to another Alien Grey captured by IR telescope in Turkey and pictured here inside a craft at extremely high altitude.

The Busted! Alien Grey also resembles the below pictured US Government Alien Grey from the 1970's:

Of Course, you've got the "Pop Culture" Alien Grey look, which is disturbing accurate:

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