Bigfoot Top Expert Todd Standing Captures Real Footage for His Documentary "Discovering Bigfoot"

Updated: Aug 17

Numerous videos of multiple Bigfoot are captured by Die-Hard Sasquatch Stalker Todd Standing for his documentary "Discovering Bigfoot." Once in focus, this first video below is hair-raising as Standing is clearly filming a live, massive primate. The Bigfoot is near still and well-hidden, intently watching Standing. Note the Bigfoot eyes and blink:

The Naturalist Film Maker spends months, day and night, in sparsely populated, isolated, and rugged territory, far away from civilization in true "Bigfoot Country." Camoflauged in a Gily Suit, he patiently has built a repoire with The Bigfoot through a brilliant, but slow and methodical process using non-threatening habits, repetitively displaying similar behaviorisms, even gifts, to encourage a relationship allowing Standing to film and document these extraordinary creatures - perhaps the closest living relative to ourselves. Standing has an ability to communicate with The Sasquatch, and has gotten closer than anyone ever with substantial real video documentation - and validation by two of the World's foremost Bigfoot Scholars who are clearly left awed and impressed at the massive bounty of real evidence Standing presents again and again.

This video shows a Bigfoot, which Todd Standing is stalking and filming, through the natural, remote, thickly-wooded, and mountainous habitat of The Bigfoot. Note the Bigfoot's movements:

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