911 attacks: Collaboration of Draco Reptilians and Elitist Human Groups

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

WUAPASS has gained knowledge regarding the 911 attacks upon the United States and who is responsible for these crimes on humanity. WUAPASS.COM's Gnos Sherman is the first to exclusively fully report on this astonishing turn of events.

A group of negative extraterrestrials, the Draco Reptilians, has colluded with various elitist human factions to manipulate and control the masses. Hard to fathom, these Draco Reptilians can cloak themselves as humans using advanced technology and horizontal gene transfer. This information is “extremely classified at the very highest levels, but will become common knowledge within a few years”, according to inside sources with verifiable knowledge of the situation. “We’ve been able to remove most of these groups, secretly, low-key, and under the radar” yet “there remains scattered negative ET groups but humans have basically taken back control of the planet and removed most of these negative ET’s.”

Draco Reptilians have interfered with humanity for thousands of years, and 12,000 years ago many of these ET group were wiped out by other groups of ETs with positive agendas for humanity. Yet these groups have gradually regained control of humanity, using their cloaking technology to infiltrate human groups and secret societies, and have manipulated us to an extent that, according to our source, “well they basically went too far and have now been mostly removed from our planet.” It's true.

These sources claim this removal of the negative ET’s explains why the 911 Grand Jury and the related War Criminal charges and Crimes against Humanity trials have “been delayed as we remove these groups from the planet, which has been nearly accomplished.” The source claims “advanced technology is set to be soon released to the masses, these groups - along with numerous corporations, and elitists, have been deliberately keeping this technology from humanity as they sought to, basically to manipulate and control us.”

However, “these negative ET’s have been nearly removed from Earth, and in a few years Earth is going to be almost unrecognizable as we increase our consciousness of what is really happening in the Universe.”

Gnos Sherman WUAPASS The TRUTH is ALWAYS the right answer

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